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    Snapchat Don’ts

    October 26, 2016

    Aside from the obvious, (d pics are never welcome).  I’ve compiled a list of a few more Snapchat Don’ts for you snap-enthusiasts hoping to gracefully build a bigger following and not annoy your friends in the process.

    Snapchat Donts Etiquette

    Snapchat Don’t Rant

    Snapchat was developed for short, entertaining and interesting snippets of information.  Not long drivels of conversation.  I do encourage you to express yourself, though keep rants to a minimum in both snap duration and frequency.


    Snapchat Don’t Send Your Story to Individual People

    If we wanna see it we’ll watch your story.  I hate the thrill of the blue message icon appearing only to be disappointed the snap sent directly to me had no personal message… you’ve gone the extra mile and posted it on your story…. go ahead you may as well blow out all the candles on my birthday cake too.

    Use the ‘send to individual xyz’ snap options when you have something specific to send to that particular person.  Everything else goes in your story.


    Snapchat Don’t Forget to Engage

    There are people watching you, never forget that.  Ask questions and request they snap you back, let them know you appreciate their views, questions, snaps… and convey to them how you are in learning more about them.  You may feel like you’re talking to a phone in the beginning, though there are people on the other end of that device taking in everything you say and do via Snapchat.


    Don’t Ask Without Building Rapport

    I recently had a snapper direct message me asking I share their snapcode.  I had never heard from them previously, they had made no effort in getting to know who I was or what my brand was about.    In the instance they had researched a little about who I was and had put forward an idea to collaborate I may have approached their request with more enthusiasm.  Instead they got the block.  Don’t be that person.


    Snapchat Don’t Get Handy With Your Phone

    When creating your stories hold your phone in one position, either horizontal or vertical.  Nothing is more annoying for your followers than having to keep turning their phone only to have the snap disappear by the time it’s in position.  Sometimes you may have to switch your phone position to get everything in frame, though keep the transitions to a minimum.


    Snapchat Don’t Get Link Happy

    Your audience only has a few moments to actually see your link.  If they’re clever enough to screen shot your snap they then have to type it out (how annoying).  Shorten links where you can, though do keep link bombing to a minimum.  Also “Go to my site” snaps on a regular basis is an eye-roller.  So is the long spiel asking your audience to find you on instagram, facebook, tumblr, anchor, youtube, periscope, pinterest etc.  People are with you here on Snapchat because they enjoy Snapchat!  Only ever ask them to go elsewhere if you’re sharing something on that platform you think THEY might like.

    For example I went on vacation months ago and only filmed it via Instagram, I knew my Snapchat friends would love this so let them know where they could find me during that time.


    Snapchat Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

    There is so much creativity to be had with Snapchat…  Face Swaps, Filters, Stickers, Emojii, Text Colours.  I also invite you to experiment with different topics of conversation, mix up what you share and when you share it.  Change your camera angles when telling a story to keep it interesting (remember the tip on getting handy though).  Follow other snap chatters for inspiration and just have fun.


    Comment below your Snapchat Do’s & Don’ts…

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